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National Crime Victim Law Institute

NCVLI LiveWhale Guide (click Preview to read)

May 20, 2011


To help the NCVLI staff manage their content on their customized web site.

General Notes

NCVLI uses the full power of LiveWhale’s widgets through the use of tags. Many of the following instructions will address this. Many of the instructions exist in the “Notes” section of a specific page but occasionally there is a need for more detailed steps in order to understand the larger picture.

Community Bulletin

The Community Bulletin website is a set of four web pages which display news stories tagged with two required tags: a general “community bulletin” tag and a specific issue tag that follows the format “[month] [year] - Issue [#] Volume [#]” – for example, “March 2011 - Issue 1 Volume 2.” A “current” tag is required for the latest issue.

In order to maintain this website, NCVLI needs to make changes, as follows.

While preparing stories for the new issue, a new tag must be created using the format mentioned. For example, if the next issue will be “May 2011 - Issue 2 Volume 1”, go to the “Tags” link under Libraries in the top right-hand area and click on Add a new tag and type “May 2011 - Issue 2 Volume 1” (making sure there is a space on either side of the hyphen).

Tag each new story with “community bulletin,” the long Issue/Volume tag and “current.” The “current” tag is important as this is what will display on the Community Bulletin’s home page. Best Practice: keep the new stories Hidden before.

When you are ready to go live, three things need to happen: change the heading on the home page to reflect the issue number (see tag), change the new stories’ Hidden status to Live and, remove the “current” tag from each of the previous issue’s stories.

Now for the tricky part: to add the last issue to the Past Issues page, you will need to add a new link using the HTML button which follows this format exactly:

<p><a href=”/law/centers/national_crime_victim_law_institute/get_involved/community/bulletin/archive/?id=May 2011 - Issue 1 Volume 2”>May 2011 - Issue 1 Volume 2</a></p>