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June 01, 2008

Emily Auerbach

Oregon Natural Desert Association, Portland, OR

As a clerk for the Oregon Natural Desert Association (“ONDA”), I worked to preserve, restore and maintain Oregon’s native deserts. I deeply appreciated the opportunity to wake each morning to learn how to protect wilderness. ONDA’s attorneys helped explain how to use an array of regulations, from the Endangered Species Act to the Clean Water Act, to preserve a landscape. I performed legal research, witnessed meetings about litigation strategy, and helped to draft documents submitted to the District Court of Oregon. I also traveled to the Steens Mountain Wilderness to participate in fieldwork and experience the desert’s beauty firsthand. I felt inspired by the austere mountains and vast lakes. While working for ONDA, I began to understand how to use our legal system to prevent destructive grazing practices to preserve public lands. I am thankful to PILP and ONDA for this tremendous opportunity.