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National Crime Victim Law Institute

October Marks Domestic Violence and Cybersecurity Awareness Month

October 04, 2011

This month, NCVLI joins victim services providers and crime survivors across the country to raise awareness of the prevalence and impact of domestic violence and cybercrime. This is a time to break the silence surrounding  these crimes and to re-focus our efforts in responding to victims.  Rights enforcement is a critical part of this response and in October, as in every month, NCVLI continues its commitment to protecting and advancing the rights of victims through legal advocacy, education, and public policy. 

Here are some highlights of NCVLI’s recent and upcoming work addressing domestic violence and cybercrime. 

Responding to Violence Against Women Project

Analyzing the law to make the world a safer place for victims

Recently, NCVLI worked with law enforcement in South Carolina in analyzing South Carolina’s law on mutual protective orders – an order under which both the perpetrator and the victim of abuse are mutually prohibited from having contact with one another under penalty of law.  Although the typical procedure for obtaining a protective order involves notice and a hearing in order to meet Constitutional due process concerns, such protections are not required when issuing a mutual protective order. This procedure, unique to South Carolina, raises a host of Constitutional and policy concerns affecting victims, which NCVLI discussed.  Contact us for further information.  As always, you can request legal technical assistance from NCVLI here

Domestic Violence Awareness Month Event

Planning is underway for an in-person panel discussion in Portland, Oregon on the importance of holistic services for victims of domestic violence.  Stay tuned for details! 

For further information about our Responding to Violence Against Women Project, click here.

Responding to Online Fraud Project

Fraud-related publication launching

This month, NCVLI’s Responding to Online Fraud Project will launch the Fraud Digest.  This e-news publication will contain a noteworthy case summary or practice tip for working with victims of fraud and mass victimization, a selection of news items covering topics affecting victims of fraud and mass victimization, and periodic updates regarding fraud-related training opportunities.  Click here to sign up for this and other e-news digests from NCVLI!

Fraud training opportunity

On October 19th, NCVLI and our bar association, the National Alliance of Victims’ Rights Attorneys and Advocates (NAVRA), will facilitate a webinar entitled Assisting Elderly Victims of Mortgage Fraud.  This webinar training will provide an overview of mortgage fraud perpetrated against older individuals, and best practices for attorneys and advocates in protecting this victim population’s rights in criminal prosecutions.  Participants will gain an understanding of the types of mortgage fraud and scams perpetrated against older victims, learn to recognize the physical and emotional harm it causes victims, and learn to apply best practices in serving older victims of mortgage fraud.  Click here to learn more and to register!

For further information about our Responding to Online Fraud Project, click here.

For tips on technology safety with victims of domestic violence, click here.