Coronavirus Information and Update: Spring 2021 Plans

June 01, 2006

Tyler Volm

Verde Native Plant Nursery, Hacienda CDC, Portland, OR

This summer I worked for theVerde Native Plant Nursery which is an innovative, environmentally-sustainable project to deliver jobs, job training and business opportunities to Hacienda CDC’s disadvantaged residents, while promoting social equity in the Portland region’s sustainable development efforts. The Nursery will make ferns, rushes, sedges and Oregon iris for use in area wetland restoration, streamside revegetation and stormwater management projects, in addition to providing the requisite installation and maintenance services. During my internship I provided a variety of business and legal services to Verde’s executive director, Alan Hipólito, an L+C Alum and part time professor, including: drafting business and nursery site plans, business forecasting, risk assessment, contract negotiations and grant procurement. I also worked on issues including incorporation and board regulation, finance, land use, marketing, and employee recruitment and retention. The PILP stipend provided me with a wonderful opportunity to learn about the day-to-day operations of a local business and allowed me to develop a professional relationship with a local nonprofit social entrepreneur. Feel free to stop me with any questions.