June 24, 2021

Admissions Question: June 24

Q: What is the social life like at Lewis & Clark Law School?  Are there student activities I can get involved in?

Q: What is the social life like at Lewis & Clark Law School? Are there student activities I can get involved in?

A: Law school can be very time-consuming, but there definitely is room for a social and active life. We recommend that students find interests outside of the classroom in order to keep some balance in their lives. 

There are many social opportunities at L&C. Our first-year pod system, where students in a section all take the same classes together, allows new students to really get to know one another. Because they have the same schedule, it also makes it easy for them to meet up outside of class and on weekends as well as to form study groups and study sessions if they wish. 

The law school student organizations also plan several activities throughout the year. For example, one of our students recently started the Food & Wine Law Society and Lewis & Clark, and it has been an extremely popular and active student organization. Since the group’s initiation, they have held annual Food Law symposium, which have been sold out events. The Public Interest Law Project plans a major fundraising event every year to raise funds for the Summer Stipend Program at L&C for students planning to work in the public interest sector.

The Student Bar Association, Minority Law Student Association, Women’s Law Caucus and other groups often host BBQ’s, breakfasts, or potlucks in the outdoor amphitheater or student lounge, while our Intellectual Property Student Organization hosts a microbrew tasting. There are many more examples of groups of students getting together to ski, bike, hike, salsa dance, watch movies, go fly-fishing, kayaking, and much more. Of course, many of these organizations also host campus events such as speakers, live debates, documentary viewings, networking activities, etc.

Students can get involved in most student organizations as a first year student. You definitely won’t be lacking in things to do while in law school, and it is important that some of those things are also fun!