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Law Admissions

Admissions Question: June 3

June 03, 2018

Q: I struggled for the first few years of part-time college that I enrolled in. Since then I have re-dedicated myself to my education. Would an excellent upper division GPA help my chances for acceptance, when coupled with a good LSAT score?


A: Yes. Academic performance and potential are very important considerations when making admissions decisions. Along with your overall grade point average, the admissions committee will consider the rigor of your courses, the school(s) you attended, when you attended college, and your grade trend. An upward grade trend can help make up for a poor performance earlier in college. A strong LSAT will also help. If your grades improve significantly and you show additional aptitude for law school through a good LSAT score, then you can make a strong case for your academic abilities despite having struggled earlier on. Your overall GPA will not go away, but a great finish to your college education and a high LSAT score will do the most to offset your earlier grades. Presenting as strong an application as possible in all other aspects (personal statement, letters of recommendation, resume) will also make a difference. Applicants may also submit a “GPA Addendum,” which is a statement explaining why their grades weren’t as high as they had hoped. This addendum does not need to be long – one or two paragraphs should suffice.