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Environmental, Natural Resources, & Energy Law

Global strides of Environmental and Natural Resources Law program highlighted in NRLI 2010-11 Annual Report

February 01, 2012

In 2010-11 the Environmental and Natural Resources Law program made global strides, literally and figuratively, while keeping our deep sense of place planted firmly in the Pacific Northwest.Our faculty visited our new partner law schools in India, blogged about environmental issues from Spain and Italy, and launched the world’s first Animal Law LL.M. Our students and clinics ensured the closure of a coal plant in Oregon, assisted developing countries with climate change issues in Cancun, Bangkok and Durban, and settled a case that may stem the tide of invasive species brought into U.S. waters from international ships. Our international LL.M.students provided important perspectives on
environmental issues from Cameroon, India, France and Peru. It is a small world, after all. Click on the attached link to read all about it in the 2010-11 NRLI annual report.