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New Collaboration with the Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization

September 10, 2012

This fall, a group of six students have begun an innovative reading group examining the international law and human rights issues arising in the unrecognized State of Abkhazia.  Abkhazia, on the eastern coast of the Black Sea, broke away from Georgia two decades ago and considers itself an independent and sovereign State, despite protests from Georgia and recognition by only six UN members. 

The idea for the reading group arose out of discussions between Professor John Grant and officials of the Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization, an NGO promoting the interests of 41 nations and peoples throughout the world that do not have full representation on the international stage.  UNPO suggested six nations and peoples that are member of the organization and that present significant international law and human rights issues; the members of the reading group selected Abkhazia for detailed examination and analysis. 

After this initial and experimental reading group, it is hoped to introduce into the Global Law curriculum an annual Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Workshop, attracting two credits, examining particular nations and peoples suggested by UNPO in greater depth.


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