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Law students launch online movement for change

September 24, 2012

  • Second-year Lewis & Clark law students Mallorie Grehn and J.J. England.

On August 29, second-year Lewis & Clark law students Mallorie Grehn and J.J. England were following a conversation with President Obama on Reddit when inspiration struck.

Now, less than a month later, Grehn and England are the masterminds behind the $3 Change for Change Challenge, which has already garnered coverage from the Huffington Post and Oregonian.

Moved by the president’s comments on campaign finance reform, Grehn and England leapt into virtual action, posting on articles and blogs their idea to send $3 “money bombs” (donations within a narrow time frame) to individual candidates, both Democratic and Republican, who have voiced support for reform.

The public response was immediate and enthusiastic, prompting the pair to create a website, Facebook page, and Twitter feed. Their first action, on behalf of Wisconsin senate candidate Tammy Baldwin, launched last week with a goal of moving 100 people to contribute. 

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