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How to Enjoy Thanksgiving Break

November 24, 2012

By Halah Ilias

Many of you will feel as though you are behind.

Many of you will think: “Oh, no, Friend X and Gunner Z have finished all their outlines already!” or “Everyone else seems so much smarter than me: there is no way that I can compete unless I study every possible hour until finals.”

And, you know what?  I felt like that too during my first semester.

But, to be honest, as long as you are putting in your best effort and studying effectively in the hours you are studying (without getting distracted by Facebook, or just complaining with your friends about how much studying you still have to do), you should be able to spare a day or two this Thanksgiving to relax.  And, you know, be normal!

If you are going back home, set aside some family time.  Enjoy it and relax.  A few hours won’t make it or break it for you during exams.  If you aren’t going back home, don’t forget to take time off.  Law school is only school with more stressed out Type A personality types.  Don’t let the people around you influence you.  You already know how to study.  You’ve been a student for more than 16 years.  You can do this.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you should slack off.  Work hard.  Try to get your outlines complete, do some hypos, or make some flashcards.  Do everything you can do without destroying your balance.

From all of your teaching assistants, we believe in you!

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