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L&C Law Student in Climate Change Treaty Negotiations

December 02, 2012

     Sarah Perelstein is a third year law student who is an extern in Doha where she is participating in climate change treaty negotiations.  She was recently placed on the delegation for Palau, and is now actively involved in the treaty negotiations, sitting in the room as parties to the treaty draft new decisions.  Access to the negotiations, and the ability to actually understand what’s going on is difficult. It is a testament to Sarah’s work product that she is now on the delegation, and it is a rare and noteworthy accomplishment.  Sarah is actually the second Lewis & Clark law student to be a delegate representing an island nation at the negotiations.
     The law school’s International Environmental Law Project, IELP, has been instrumental in giving students these amazing opportunities. Sarah went with the IELP team last year to the negotiations in Durban, which certainly helped her secure her externship, and thus made her an ideal person to join Palau’s delegation this time around. 
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