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Dean Klonoff keynote speaker at Class Action Conference

May 06, 2013

This spring, Lewis & Clark Law School Dean Robert Klonoff was honored as the keynote speaker at the 11th Annual Class Action Conference in Oakland. The conference is hosted by the Impact Fund, and organization which “provides strategic leadership and support for litigation to achieve economic and social justice.”

In a wide-ranging and compelling speech, Dean Klonoff shared his insights on how the courts have cut back on plaintiffs’ ability to bring class action lawsuits and undermined the efficiency, deterrence, and compensation functions of the class action device.  After detailing the history and purpose of class actions, Dean Klonoff explained the key components of the current assault, which he documents in his article, The Decline of Class Actions, 90 Wash. U.L.Rev. ___ (2013).

Dean Klonoff concluded with a strong defense of the class action device as “a powerful remedy for achieving mass justice.”  He urged the courts, rule makers, and Congress to return to a more balanced approach to classwide adjudication.

Read more on the Impact Fund’s website.

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