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Earthrise Law Center Receives Grant Support for Oregon Waters Initiative

June 28, 2013

Two foundations made awards to Lewis & Clark’s Earthrise Law Center to support work for the Oregon Waters Initiative.

The Mountaineers Foundation has awarded Earthrise Law Center a Community Grant for the second year in a row. The $3,000 grant will support the Oregon Waters initiative. The Foundation’s Community Grants program expressed their appreciation for Earthrise’s role in representing clients in public interest environmental litigation as well as providing an important training ground for law students–work congruent with the Foundation’s mission of “passing the best possible environmental legacy to ensuing generations.”

The award will support Earthrise’s advocacy in areas such as enforcement of the Clean Water Act and the protection of watersheds on Oregon public lands, all while training law students to carry on this work. Our sincere thanks to the Mountaineers Foundation for their support.

The Jackson Foundation awarded Earthrise Law Center a $2,000 grant for the Oregon Waters initiative. The Portland-based foundation’s mission is to “promote the welfare of the public of the City of Portland or the State of Oregon, or both.” The grant will help improve Oregon’s water quality standards and protect vulnerable aquatic habitats through direct, targeted legal action.

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