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National Crime Victim Law Institute

Justice for Victims of Child Sexual Abuse Images

September 06, 2013

The unique and acute nature of the trauma experienced by child-victims of sexual abuse when images of their victimization are preserved and viewed by others is well-documented. Despite the recognition of their harm and a stated commitment to ensuring that perpetrators, not their victims, bear the financial burdens of crime, these victims face tremendous challenges in securing full restitution.  Among these hurdles is an all too frequent demand of courts that they prove that any single perpetrator out of the thousands (or millions) who possess their abuse images caused a specific component of their harm. A demand that is nearly impossible to meet because of the nature of the crime. For years, NCVLI has been leading the fight in federal courts to secure full restitution for these victims.  This week we took the fight into state court in Oregon in the case State v. Culbertson.  As we said in our brief, “‘Simply put, defendant committed a crime and should pay restitution for that crime.’”  Stay tuned for the outcome of the case!


Our amicus briefs educate the courts about how their decisions will impact victims and move us a step closer to ensuring that each case fulfills its potential to improve the landscape for future victims by setting positive legal precedent.  Donate today to help us build a better future for victims!