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Commemorating a Year of Earthrise Law Center

September 18, 2013

  • Photo of Earth from Apollo 8 on December 24, 1968. Source: NASA.

A year ago today, we launched our new name, logo, and identity to reflect our growth and national outlook: Earthrise Law Center! To mark the occasion, we offer this short, stunning film from Planetary Collective about the view of Earth from space–the inspiration for our name. In it, astronauts describe the experience of “Earth gazing,” witnessing from space the beauty and fragility of our planet, and philosophers reflect on the “cognitive shift” that results.

Here at Earthrise, we are humbled and inspired every day by our mission to protect and preserve the environment while training the next generation of environmental advocates to do the same. We couldn’t do it without your support–thank you!

Read all about last year’s launch, in case you missed it.

If you would like to celebrate with us, consider our giving program or check out our mugs and T-shirts for sale, featuring the Earthrise logo. The triangle in our name comes from the ancient alchemical symbol for Earth.


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