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Center for Animal Law Studies

Equine Law Seminar (473)

November 13, 2013

Kathryn Hall ‘03
2 credits

This seminar is for students interested in developing an in-depth knowledge of current issues in equine law. Equine law is the application of multiple areas of substantive law to equines and the equine industry. This seminar will introduce students to a range of topics, including course horse welfare, veterinary malpractice, equine activities statutes, drug and medication issues, liability for equine-related injuries and property damage, land use and confinement issues, breed registries and horse registration, as well as show and racing organizations. Students will investigate the legal relationships among and between parties who own, board, train, breed, and transfer interest in horses. Students will also explore topics relevant to operating an equine-related business, including choice of entity, corporate governance, insurance, taxation, employment, and importing and exporting issues.