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Final Exams at the Law Library

April 09, 2018

Now that exam time has returned, the Boley Law Library again provides the study-friendly services you have come to depend on.

Exam Study Hours

The library remains a fine and quiet place to study during exams. When are we open? View our full listing of library and reference hours.

For those who study best under the pre-dawn fluorescent glow of artificial lights, never fear: Wood Hall remains open to students even after the library has closed for the night. Just make sure that you have your ID card with you – the library doors and all entrances are locked when Boley closes, but you may enter using your card at the main Wood Hall entrance.

Another late-night study option is Watzek Library on the CAS campus. Watzek Library is open 24 hours most Mondays through Thursdays, but check their hours page before you go.

Leaving late? Please be sure to walk with a companion. Campus Safety reminds all students, faculty, and staff that officers are available 24 hours a day to escort individuals between campus locations; call extension 7777 (503-768-7777) for this service.

Free Coffee

Starting Tuesday, April 17, we’ll be providing free coffee beginning at 5pm on weekdays, and all day on the weekends for the duration of reading period and exams.

Study Aids

A variety of study aids for many classes are available for checkout. You’ll find most of them shelved by the soft seating across from the Library Desk. Among your choices are items from the Nutshell series, Emanuel’s Outlines, Gilbert’s Law Summaries, Roadmap Law Course Outlines, the Understanding series (Understanding Civil Procedure, Understanding Remedies, etc.), and the Concise Hornbook series. Examples & Explanations are on reserve at the Library Desk, available for 3-hour checkout.

Exams Database

Law School exams from past years are available online for viewing and printing. The collection consists of the actual exams given to students in previous years. Sample answers are available for some exams; links to these are provided following the exam link. Whether and which exams and answers to post is up to the individual professor.

The exams database is located here.

Remember, access is granted via your L&C Email username (everything before the and password. Only current Lewis & Clark Law students have access to past exams.

Forgot your password? No problem.

  • Go to the L&C IT Reset Your Password page and create a new password. Once created, try the database link again.

  • If you still cannot access the exams please contact the Boley Reference Desk at (503) 768-6688 or email and we’ll troubleshoot the problem.

In a crunch and don’t yet have access? Ask the staff at the Library Desk – they’ll be happy to print out an exam for you.

CALI & Quimbee Lessons

CALI is a collection of over 900 interactive lessons covering 40 legal subject areas, and are available for free to current law students. The lessons are written by law faculty and librarians, and are regularly reviewed and revised. Go to our CALI Lessons page for shortcuts to the CALI Lessons online, the easy three-step registration instructions, and our Access Code available to current law students.

Quimbee provides over 575 video lessons in doctrinal, skills, and professional-development subjects. Each lesson is created by a law professor or law librarian expert in that area, and are professionally crafted to best support your work. Current LC Law students have unlimited, 24/7 access to Quimbee on desktop, mobile, or tablet devices.

Be sure to first create your login at (use your LC email account and choose your own password). Once signed up you may view courses and take practice exams at, or download the iOS (iPhone/iPad) and Android apps.

Time to Be Kind

As exams loom, here is our semi-annual, gentle reminder about noise in the library and in Wood Hall. Please remember that everyone is feeling a bit anxious this time of year.

Please help each other reduce some of those stress levels by demonstrating the following courteous behaviors:

  • Turn your cell phone to silent; everyone will appreciate your thoughtfulness if you do.

  • If you find yourself involved in a conversation that lasts more than a couple minutes, move your discussion to a public area.

  • And finally, although the study rooms are designed for group use, please be aware that they are not soundproof and loud discussions may make your fellow students studying quietly at nearby tables a little grumpy.


As always, keep an eye on your laptops, phones, backpacks, jackets, and other personal belongings. When spending much of your day in the library it is natural to leave your belongings unattended on a desk in the library, in a study room, or in the Wood Hall study area. Unfortunately, it is all too easy for those items to be quickly taken.

Campus Safety reminds all students, faculty, and staff that officers are available 24 hours a day to escort individuals between campus locations; call extension 7777 (503-768-7777) for this service.

Good luck on exams!

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