Coronavirus Information and Update: Spring 2021 Plans

February 27, 2014

Real Estate Transactions Seminar

This year Lewis & Clark Tax Law department has added a new course: Real Estate Transactions Seminar taught by Gersham Goldstein.

The seminar will discuss federal tax law, state
business organizations and property law, and legal
practice in the context of a simulated real estate
development project. The emphasis will be on
practical application of tax and business law
principles to various aspects of a collection of
problems, including the role of tax lawyers in
representing clients. Among the topics to be
discussed will be choice of entity, like-kind
exchanges, installment sales, capital gain and
loss, and leases.

A series of problems which are designed to elicit
both open ended and focused discussion on the
answers will serve as the foundation for the
discussion at the seminar meetings, and they will
build upon one another. For some assignments,
students will be grouped into simulated law firms
that will be called upon to address the problems;
for others, students will be required to write and
discussed individually.