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Running the Boston Marathon to Preserve the Planet

April 10, 2014

  • Earthrise Clinic Director Craig Johnston, top, 2nd from right, with the 2013 Earthrise Grand Canyon Run team.

Earthrise Law Center Clinic Director Craig Johnston will be running in the Boston Marathon this April, along with eleven other participants connected to the Earthrise Clinic.  Among the Earthrise participants are Earthrise Advisory Council Chair Dave Pearson, and Craig’s sons Michael and Dan. Their goal is to raise $26.2 thousand dollars to support Earthrise’s work in Boston.

Earthrise Law Center is a team of attorneys and staff who are passionate about using the law to protect and restore the environment and the planet’s natural resources.  Since 1996, Earthrise has represented over 200 organizations through litigation and advocacy seeking legal environmental victories that preserve healthy ecosystems, ensure the survival of threatened and endangered species, and create livable communities. 


For more information about the Earthrise Law Center’s participation in the Boston Marathon click here.

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