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National Crime Victim Law Institute

Responding to Subpoenas for Victim’s Employment and Medical Records

July 03, 2014

All too often victims of crime are asked to sacrifice their privacy just because they report a crime and are participating in justice.  This month was no exception.  A Hawaii lawyer contacted NCVLI seeking assistance responding to a subpoena for a victim’s employment and medical records. The attorney fought hard to protect the victim’s rights in the federal trial court; when the trial court indicated it would allow some of the victim’s private information to be turned over the attorney was not done!  He continued to fight, seeking review in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals under the Federal Crime Victims’ Rights Act. NCVLI provided some quick research and strategic advice to this dedicated lawyer.  If you are working on a federal case that involves a subpoena for a victim’s records please reach out. We are happy to help!  We can even participate as amicus curiae at the trial court level!  Our commitment is to be vigilant in protecting victim privacy, responding to invasions whenever and wherever they happen.

If you are working on a case with victims’ rights issues and need help, click here to request legal technical assistance.