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A Community Conversation on Moving Diversity Forward with Professor Stumpf

July 21, 2014

The Diversity Work Group (DWG), a law school organization charged with fostering an environment that supports the success and inclusion of faculty, staff, and students from groups that have experienced systematic, societal discrimination, held a Community Conversation on Moving Diversity Forward The conversation was based on the exciting work of Vernā Myers, a nationally recognized expert on diversity and inclusion within law firms, law departments, and law schools. Students, faculty and staff attended the event and spent time in small groups discussing their experiences and perspectives. This event was held to encourage an on-going discussion about diversity and inclusion in the law school community.

The DWG’s mission is to support the law school’s commitment as a professional school to developing the cultural competency of our campus community, and to promote equitable access to justice and to the profession. Each year the membership of the DWG changes slightly, but it always includes two student members elected by the student body.  This year’s student members are Jagjit Nagra and Justin Withem.

The DWG reevaluates its goals at the beginning of each academic year. The Chair of the DWG for the 2014-2015 academic year will continue to be Professor Juliet Stumpf. Ideas and feedback on projects for the DWG can be directed to her or any member of the DWG.


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