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National Crime Victim Law Institute

A Victim’s Right to Counsel During an Interview

September 06, 2014

NCVLI’s mission is to ensure meaningful rights for all victims of crime. A key tool in our effort: providing trained attorneys for victims. Despite its status as common sense in every other area of law, when it comes to victim law people flinch when victims have attorneys, particularly during law enforcement interviews.  To respond to this challenge we have released a Victim Law Position Paper detailing the right of victims to have retained counsel present during investigative interviews. Due process requires informing victims of this right and then accommodating counsel’s presence. NCVLI releases position papers on cutting edge victims’ rights issues to help ensure vigorous assertion and enforcement of victims’ rights. Click here to read the position paper. To learn more about NCVLI’s public policy efforts at the federal, state, and local level, click here.