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October 13, 2014

Business Law Fall Forum: Educating the Transactional Business Lawyer

Lewis & Clark Business Law Programs celebrate a successful 19th Annual Fall Forum

The Business Law Fall Forum, now in its 19th year, is one of the flagstone events of the business law program. The 2014 forum was held on October 3, and attracted over 100 attendees, including practitioners, Lewis & Clark students, and professors from around the country.

Professor Susan Felstiner proposed the topic this year, Educating the Transactional Business Lawyer, and assembled a dynamic group of speakers, including: Esther Barron (Northwestern), Deborah Burand (Michigan Law), Patience Crowder (the University of Denver), Cynthia Laury Dahl (Penn Law), Jennifer Fan (the University of Washington), Praveen Kosuri (Penn Law), Jay Mitchell (Stanford), Alicia Plerhopes (Georgetown) and Stephen Reed (Northwestern).  Moderators for the sessions included: Amy Bushaw (Lewis & Clark Law School), Susan Felstiner (Lewis & Clark Law School), Lydia Loren (Lewis & Clark Law School) and David Wang (Vestas American Wind Technology). In addition to lending expertise to the panels, each speaker prepares a paper, which will be featured in the Lewis & Clark Law Review later in the year. 

Feedback from attendees was overwhelmingly positive:

“I found the Forum very informative and relevant. The range of perspectives on display have most certainly enriched my thinking in the area of experiential learning and have given me ideas that I will seek to incorporate in my teaching. As a side note, I was also very impressed with all the work that’s being done at Lewis & Clark Law School, to say nothing of the gorgeous physical setting and buildings!”  George S. Georgiev, UCLA School of Law

“In addition to the incredible substance that was covered, the conference venue, events and everything else were impeccable” Steve Reed, Northwestern School of Law

“I found the presentations thought-provoking and highly relevant to my interests and teaching” Professor Amy Bushaw, Lewis & Clark Law School

“Every last detail was planned to perfection and the topics and discussions were excellent.  I had a wonderful time and came away from the symposium with new ideas and energy.” Esther Barron, Northwestern School of Law

This forum was made possible by a generous grant from Libby and Michael McCaslin and the Keller Family Foundation.  A live stream of this event is available here.