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National Crime Victim Law Institute

A Response to Alan Dershowitz; Securing Victim Voice

January 23, 2015

In a Florida case involving allegations of sexual abuse against Jeffrey Epstein and government failure to comply with victims’ rights, the victims’ attorneys moved to join additional victims, citing as support, among other facts, that Epstein had made at least one of the underage victims have sex with prominent criminal defense attorney and law professor Alan Dershowitz and other famous persons.  Nearly immediately Dershowitz threatened to bring a civil defamation case and ethics complaints against the victims’ attorneys, and publicly challenged how any lawyer could believe a “serial perjurer, serial liar, serial prostitute” when she alleges rape.  The situation is troubling and NCVLI responds noting, “We have not yet fully closed the books on 2014 – dubbed “the year everyone started talking about sexual assault” – and we are starting 2015 with threats of ethics complaints and defamation suits that may end the conversation.”  Click here to read the full response.