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USPTO visits Lewis & Clark Law School

March 11, 2015

  • Photo courtesy of Andy Marion

Lewis & Clark Law School hosted a visit by William (Bill) Griffin, deputy director of the Office of Enrollment and Discipline, U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), on March 5, 2015. The visit was in conjunction with the Small Business Legal Clinic’s participation in the USPTO Law School Clinic Certification Program.

Through the program, SBLC student interns obtain limited recognition to practice trademark law before the USPTO. Under the supervision of SBLC faculty, students prepare and file trademark applications, speak directly with trademark examiners and respond to USPTO office actions. The program also expedites trademark applications processed through the SBLC, which offers an enhanced benefit to the client. Currently, Lewis & Clark Law School is the only law school in Oregon participating in the program.

During the visit, Griffin met with SBLC interns, faculty and staff, where he gathered feedback on the SBLC’s participation in the program.  His afternoon was spent with the law school’s Intellectual Property professors, interested students, and patent prosecution class. The informal discussion session with students included conversations regarding requirements of admission to the patent bar, and externship and job opportunities at the USPTO.

“Meeting with Mr. Griffin was a great experience. It was extremely helpful and exciting to hear what it’s like to work with and for the USPTO in both trademark and patent matters. Mr. Griffin’s extensive experience with the agency really shone through in the amount of detail in his advice. I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunity we have at Lewis & Clark to be part of the USPTO’s Program, where students get a limited recognition to practice before the USPTO in trademark matters, including filing applications and responding to office actions. The experience gives us a big advantage when it comes to both resumes and legal practice.” – Dan Housely, patent prosecution student and SBLC student director.

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