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National Crime Victim Law Institute

2015 Legal Advocacy Award: Network for Victim Recovery of DC

June 02, 2015


Network for Victim Recovery of DC

2015 Legal Advocacy Award


NCVLI’s Legal Advocacy Award recognizes crime victims’ rights attorneys who have dedicated and committed their time to representing victims of crime in the criminal justice system.


The Network for Victim Recovery of DC’s legal program started in 2012 with just one full time and one half time attorney and has expanded to a total of seven attorneys in only three years. In that time, NVRDC has worked tirelessly to form a professional and symbiotic relationship with the DC Metropolitan Police Department, the United States Attorney’s Office, as well as other partner organizations in the District of Columbia that provide supportive or legal services to survivors of crime. NVRDC has served over 500 legal clients in cases ranging from identity theft and elder abuse to assault, sexual violence, and homicide. NVRDC’s legal team has aggressively pursued survivor’s rights under the Crime Victims’ Right Act in DC, including seeking or enforcing restitution and zealously litigating its clients’ right to privacy regarding medical, educational, or business records. With over 8 universities in DC and the surrounding area, NVRDC expanded its litigation and training programs to represent survivors of sexual violence on college campus disciplinary hearings under Title IX, as well as in pursuing Title IX complaints against such institutions with the Department of Education.

Past Recipients:

o    Wendy Murphy (2001)

o    Lyn Schollett (2002)

o    Cynthia Lee Carter (2003)

o    Jay Howell (2003)

o    Richard D. Pompelio (2004)

o    Paul Cassell (2005)

o    Cynthia Hora (2006)

o    Jamie Mills (2007)

o    Steven J. Twist (2008)

o    Crime Victims Legal Assistance Project (2009)

o    Heidi Nestel (2010)

o    Steven Kelley (2011)

o    Erin K. Olson (2012)

o    Russell Butler (2013)

o    Amy Terrible (2014)