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Paying It Forward

September 14, 2015

  • Paul H. Casey and Jerry Carleton ’07

For many students, scholarships make all the difference when it comes to affording a legal education. Scholarships are also critical to Lewis & Clark’s ability to attract the best students to our programs. We are proud that alumni and friends have generously supported this kind of aid. 

In addition to the financial assistance they provide, scholarships also perpetuate a legacy of giving. The positive impact these awards have on their recipients creates a ripple effect that continues to touch subsequent generations.

Just ask Jerry Carleton ’07 and his wife, Heather.

“I was a young entrepreneur who was going to law school at night and running my company by day,” said Jerry. “I wasn’t paying myself much, if anything at all, and I came to a crucial point where I decided I needed to quit school and put my money into the business.”

Heather recalls that their grocery budget at the time was $10 a week. When she and Jerry realized they could no longer afford to send Jerry to law school, they were devastated. But as he was preparing to communicate this difficult decision to the school, Jerry received a letter notifying him that he was a 2006 recipient of the Paul H. Casey Scholarship for Business Law.


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