September 22, 2015

Students Contribute to Oxford Border Criminologies Blog

Lewis & Clark law students write and post on Oxford Border Criminologies blog, an international law forum, about women and children seeking asylum in the U.S.
  • Image: Malate269 via Wikimedia Commons

A blog post series originating from Lewis & Clark Law’s Transformative Immigration law Seminar, is now running on Oxford’s Border Criminologies, an online international law forum. The site feature three blog posts by Shannon Garcia and Nora Coon, students in last spring’s Seminar.  They write about the state of law and scholarship concerning the detention of mothers and children seeking asylum in the U.S. Professor Juliet Stumpf, who taught the seminar, contributed an introduction to the blog which describes the class and the series. Nora Coon, one of the co-authoring students, has written a reflection on the experience.

Read the blog posts here:

Introduction - by Professor Juliet Stumpf
Second post - by students Nora Coon and Shannon Garcia