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Legal Practicum: Int’l Environmental Ecuador 955-S1

October 30, 2015

This two-week intensive field placement will explore international environmental legal and policy themes through the lens of environmental issues in Ecuador. The course will be offered in Cuenca, Ecuador and will combine substantive classroom instruction with field-based skills training. With one of the few constitutions that recognizes both the right to a healthy environment and the rights of nature, Ecuador offers a unique case study of the some of the most pressing international environmental law and policy issues, including biodiversity conservation, climate change, urban sustainability, landscape protection, human rights, and the rights of indigenous peoples. Touching on each of these issues, the course focuses substantially on the role of mining as a means of achieving sustainable development.

The course will be open to both law students (3 credits) and Lewis & Clark college students. Law students, including visiting students, will be accepted through an application process, and college students may participate through the Ecuador summer program.  Inclusion of both law and non-law students offers a unique opportunity to integrate law, policy, and science.

Registration for law students by admission only. Admissions are on a rolling basis. Enrollment is limited to 10 students. For more information and details on costs, or to apply, submit a letter of interest, transcripts, writing sample and resume to Professor Lyman at


The American Bar Association accreditation standards require students to regularly attend the courses in which they are registered. Lewis & Clark expects students to attend classes regularly and to prepare for classes conscientiously. Specific attendance requirements may vary from course to course. Any attendance guidelines for a given class must be provided to students in a syllabus or other written document at the start of the semester. Sanctions (e.g., required withdrawal from the course, grade adjustment, and/or a failing grade) will be imposed for poor attendance.

For more information:

Professor: Erica Lyman
Credits:  3
Class Meets: Monday June 20 - Friday July 1
Time:  TBD
Room:  TBD
Exam:  No Exam
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