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Native American Natural Resources Law 518-1I

October 30, 2015

Text: Royster, Blumm & Kronk, Native American Natural Resources Law (3d ed. 2015)


This course examines the unique body of law governing “Indian country,” those geographic areas recognized by the federal government as homelands of sovereign American Indian tribes.  Topics include the history of federal-tribal relations, tribal property rights, and the balance of governmental power between tribes, states and the federal government. Particular attention will be devoted to understanding the legal framework that supports the tribes’ role as proprietors and regulators of natural resources, including powers derived from the tribes’ inherent sovereign authority and rights stemming from treaties and federal statutes.  The course will include close examinations of tribal water rights, fishing and hunting rights, and federal environmental statutes that accord tribes a significant regulatory role in the implementation of federal environmental programs like the Clean Air and Water Acts.  Evaluation is based on class participation and a take-home examination.


The American Bar Association accreditation standards require students to regularly attend the courses in which they are registered. Lewis & Clark expects students to attend classes regularly and to prepare for classes conscientiously. Specific attendance requirements may vary from course to course. Any attendance guidelines for a given class must be provided to students in a syllabus or other written document at the start of the semester. Sanctions (e.g., required withdrawal from the course, grade adjustment, and/or a failing grade) will be imposed for poor attendance.

For more information:

Professor: Michael Blumm
Credits:  2
Class Meets: Tuesday June 14 - Monday June 27
Time:  1:30pm - 4:30pm
Room:  Lezak
Exam:  Schedule Monday June 27,  24 hour take home exam
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