November 09, 2015

AALS Animal Law Section selects Pamela Frasch as inaugural recipient of Excellence in Teaching Award

AALS Animal Law Section Selects Pamela Frasch as Inaugural Recipient of Excellence in Teaching Award

The Animal Law Section of the AALS announces the inaugural recipient of the AALS Animal Law Section Award for Excellence in Animal Law: Teaching, Scholarship, and Service: Pamela D. Frasch, Assistant Dean, Animal Law Program and Executive Director, Center for Animal Law Studies at Lewis & Clark Law School. Pamela has been working in the area of animal law for over twenty years and teaching for seventeen. She has inspired students, lawyers, advocates, and others through her immense knowledge of the law, outstanding skills in writing, teaching and advocacy, and her compassion and commitment to the protection of all animals.

The Animal Law Section will present the award to Pamela at the Section’s program—Animal Rights: From Why to How—during the AALS Annual Meeting in New York City on January 9 at 1:30pm. The program will bring together some of the best and brightest experts—Sherry Colb, Michael Dorf, David Favre, Lori Gruen, Angela Harris, and Dale Jamieson— to discuss and debate the various strategies for securing legal rights for animals.

In addition to the formal presentation of the award, The Animal Law Section will celebrate Pamela at the Section’s reception hosted by the Animal Legal Defense Fund on January 8, 2016.