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A message of support to the L&C community

November 23, 2015

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This past week, a series of disturbing events occurred on our undergraduate college campus that targeted black and underrepresented members of the community. The law school has reached out to offer support, and we are providing security and support to our own students who are feeling the effects of recent events.

Lewis & Clark is first and foremost, a vibrant educational community of teachers and students. We are engaged in meaningful work and strive to educate law students in a thoughtful, inclusive environment. There is simply no tolerance for racist rhetoric and violence, discrimination, or hate speech on any of the Lewis & Clark campuses.

Unfortunately, similar acts of racism and bias are happening across the country, on and off college campuses. We are saddened that this reality has hit Lewis & Clark College, a place we consider to be welcoming, equitable, and safe. Even as we look forward to a swift and just resolution of these troubling incidents, we recognize this as an opportunity to have difficult but necessary conversations about the society in which we live, as well as to celebrate and enhance the cultural, ethnic, and social diversity of the Lewis & Clark community.

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