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National Crime Victim Law Institute

2016 Crime Victim Law Conference Update

May 06, 2016

This year’s Crime Victim Law Conference has sessions that touch on each element of justice so that attendees will leave with the knowledge needed to effectively advocate for victims. A few session spotlights:

Acknowledging Native American Status In Holistic Victim Services
Best Practices When Representing Human Trafficking Survivors

Victim-Centered Offender Release Planning
Lessons Learned from a Complex Financial Fraud Exploitation Case
Identify Theft: Trends, Victims’ Rights & Tools for Recovery

Trauma-Informed Interviewing
Victim-Centered Response - Changing Victim Experience in the U.S. Army
Working With Vulnerable Clients
Law Enforcement Accountability to Survivors of Domestic & Sexual Violence

Victim Voice:
Protecting All Survivors’ Voices in Mass Violence Cases
When Women Disclose Sexual Violence
Drafting Effective Victims’ Rights Provisions

Join us June 10-11, 2016 for our 15th Crime Victim Law Conference in Portland, Oregon Register Now! Click here to visit the registration page.