May 16, 2016

Being a Buddhist woman in the early 1900s

American Philosophical Society award for Jessica Starling

Dr. Jessica Starling, Assistant Professor of Religious Studies, has landed her third external grant this year. In addition to receiving a 2015 curriculum development award from the National Endowment for the Humanities and a short-term fellowship from the Japan Foundation last month, the American Philosophical Society has awarded Dr. Starling $5,000 in support of her research. Dr. Starling’s current project, “Buddhist women’s associations and the production of religious literature for women in modern Japan (1890s-1930s)” investigates the relationship between modern Buddhist laywomen and the male priests who wrote for them about what it meant to be a Buddhist woman. The American Philosophical Society Franklin Research Grant Program is designed to help offset research expenses; Dr. Starling will use this support after she returns from Japan to purchase books, travel for participant observation at a Pure Land Buddhist gathering, and for transcription assistance. More about Dr. Starling’s research is available here.

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