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National Crime Victim Law Institute

2016 Legal Advocacy Awardee: Mariam El-menshawi

June 06, 2016

Mariam El-menshawi

2016 Legal Advocacy Award

NCVLI’s Legal Advocacy Award recognizes crime victims’ rights attorneys who have dedicated and committed their time to representing victims of crime in the criminal justice system.

Mariam is the Director and Principal Attorney at McGeorge School of Law, Victims of Crime Resource Center in Sacramento, California. Mariam received her JD/MBA degrees from University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law. She was drawn to victims’ rights as a law student, where she worked directly with victims and conducted research on victims’ rights. Mariam has dedicated her career to helping victims of crime understand their rights and assisting them in navigating and enforcing their rights in the criminal justice system. She serves on the U.S. Attorney’s Hate Crime Task Force, Financial Abuse Specialist Team, Older Adults Coalition Multidisciplinary Team, and is the Co-Chair of the Sacramento Human Trafficking Legal Forum. Mariam regularly presents on Marsy’s Law (Victims’ Bill of Rights) and other related topics to service providers, attorneys, law enforcement agencies, and community groups.

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