July 21, 2016

Small Business Legal Clinic helps local businesses thrive

Portland company Bee Local is one of SBLC’s 250 clients

A news story recently produced by KOIN-TV features Lewis & Clark Law School’s Small Business Legal Clinic and how it helps small entrepreneurs by providing low-fee legal assistance. Here’s an excerpt from the story:

“Starting a small business comes with many things to consider, from naming the company to logistics.

What many entrepreneurs may not realize is that while they know the ideas and labor aspect of their work, all kinds of legal work is also vital to running a business.

Bee Local sells specialty honey to stores across the county, and even in Japan. Founder Damien Magista started out with one hive in his backyard and grew his honey business to more than 100 hives in the Willamette Valley.

“I started selling honey to my neighbors, giving it away mostly, actually,” Magista said.

He eventually took it to the Woodmans Market where he says the owner “looked at the jar, looked at the label, looked at me and said ‘We’ll buy everything you have’ and that’s really how it all started.”

Before he could have all that success, Magista needed some help with the name Bee Local. He needed a copyright.”

Read the full article and watch the video clip on KOIN TV.

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