October 11, 2016

Earthrise Law Center celebrates 20 years

The largest environmental law clinic and one of the “winningest” legal clinics in the nation

Earthrise Law Center, Lewis & Clark’s first environmental law clinic, celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. Since 1996, Earthrise has represented citizen-activists and nonprofit organizations in virtually the entire spectrum of environmental and natural resources law, from protecting endangered species and ecosystems to preventing and reducing air and water pollution. Earthrise has been named one of the “winningest” legal clinics in the nation by National Jurist and nominated for the prestigious American Bar Association Award for Distinguished Environmental Achievement.

As a legal clinic, Earthrise simultaneously trains students through direct involvement in complex litigation, negotiation and practical advocacy. Earthrise has trained over 200 attorneys, many of whom have gone on to make substantial contributions as advocates and leaders of local, regional, and national environmental organizations, governments, legal offices, and private firms.

Founded in 1996 by professors Dan Rohlf and Craig Johnston, and alumna Nicole Cordan, Earthrise has steadily grown over the past decade to its current staff of seven attorneys, two fellows, and two program staff, and three locations - Portland, Boston, and San Francisco. To reflect this growth and nationwide focus, in 2012 the center’s changed its name from the Pacific Environmental Advocacy Center to Earthrise Law Center.

At the end of September, Earthrise threw a celebration party and fundraiser to fund its Founders Legacy Fellowship which started in 2013. Earthrise’s fellows, currently two Lewis & Clark law school recent graduates, spend two years developing their own cases while working with senior attorneys to gain valuable experience at the beginning of their careers.

Earthrise’s upward trajectory continues, winning precedent-setting cases for its clients and the planet. The center looks forward to serving more clients, protecting more environmental resources, and continuing to train the next generation of environmental advocates.

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