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December 03, 2009

Lewis & Clark’s Externship Program is extensive. Students have the option of summer and semester-long externships, as well as full and part time options. Summer externships can be done as early as the first summer at L&C. Semester externships are available to students beginning their fourth semester. Externships require advance planning and each externship must be approved by the Curriculum Committee. Students complete a detailed application process with guidance from the Assistant Dean for Career Services Libby Davis.

To see additional information about the Externship program and a list of some of our more recent externship placements, you can go to our Externships webpage.

The comprehensive list provided should give you an idea of the types of organizations where we have placements. However, because each externship is designed by the individual student, a person can either try for a placement in an organization where we’ve already had an extern, or devise a new placement altogether.

Check out the web site and, if you have more specific questions, contact us!

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