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National Crime Victim Law Institute

NCVLI Speakers Bureau Orientation

April 11, 2017

The National Crime Victim Law Institute (NCVLI) launched its Victims’ Rights Speakers Bureau in 2016 as part of our effort to mobilize the community to advance victims’ rights. NCVLI is committed to training and deploying Victims’ Rights Ambassadors nationwide.

The Speakers Bureau has 4 goals:

1. Increase awareness regarding victims’ rights and how to access those rights.
2. Increase understanding of why legal representation is critical to protecting victims’ rights.
3. Gain community support for victims’ rights, victims’ rights lawyers, and the work that NCVLI does.
4. Recruit individuals to help spread the word about victims’ rights and NCVLI.

The Speakers Bureau complements NCVLI’s legal work and legal trainings by targeting efforts to non-legal audiences.