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National Crime Victim Law Institute

Intern Spotlight: Elise Pin

November 29, 2016

Elise Pin interned with us in the fall of 2016 from France. Elise told us about herself.

What did you like most about working at NCVLI?
The people who make up NCVLI are the greatest strength of the organization. Everyone who works for NCVLI is so uniquely warm, compassionate and dedicated wholeheartedly to the cause of victims’ rights that the opportunity to work with them inspires me every day.

What did you know about victims’ rights before working at NCVLI?
Before I started working for NCVLI, I didn’t know much about victim’s right. Most of criminal classes were focused on the defendants and the prosecutor, not on the victims. I learned a lot by working NCVLI.

What have you learned while working at NCVLI?

I have learned that the rights of the victims are often ignored in the legal system. It made me realize how important the rights of the victims are. Besides, I understood the importance of NCVLI’s action. They are doing their best to make the victim’s life as easy as possible after the crime. Furthermore, I learned a lot about the US jurisdictional system in general.

What did you do while working at NCVLI?
I worked on the Digest which allowed me to remain updated about victims’ right. I also did legal research and I attended the Friday’s classes and webinar meetings, which were really interesting. It was an amazing experience and it taught me a lot.

What are your hobbies/what do you do for fun?
I’m always on the move, in fact I love running, swimming and hiking. I’m also a good chef! The fact that I’m French might help!

What’s next after NCVLI?
I’m starting the school bar this January in Paris. It will be 6 months at school, attending classes followed by a 1-year internship. When I graduate, I’ll be a lawyer.