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Professor Stumpf talks with International Business Times about immigration and crime

March 10, 2017

  • Robert E. Jones Professor of Advocacy and Ethics Juliet Stumpf

In an article published in the International Business Times, Professor Juliet Stumpf discusses her concerns about the Trump administration’s attempts to make the public believe immigrant crime rates are high, and the reality that they are in fact, much lower than native crime rates. 

In an excerpt from the article, titled “US Immigration Crimes: How Donald Trump May Be Creating Fake News About Immigrants Every Week”, Stumpf says “Immigrants could actually be prone to less crime because the demographic is almost universally motivated by a few common goals…She said immigrants may be focused on making money to send to family members in other countries, earning an education for a better life and establishing a home in a safer place for their children.”

She further expresses her concern that “given the data we have that shows immigrants have lower crime rates, the office may actually skew public perception about immigrant crime rates, and make people believe that immigrants are much more prone to committing crime than is actually true.”

Stumpf is an immigration law expert who coined the term “crimmigration” to describe the study of the relationship between crime and immigration.

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