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Lewis & Clark Students: Join the ALR Staff!

May 02, 2017

Animal Law is the nation’s oldest journal devoted to legal issues impacting animals, and the journal remains at the forefront of a rapidly growing and changing field. Animal Law continues to be recognized as the premier animal law journal and is often cited by state, federal, and international courts. As is consistent with such an innovative field, Animal Law Review values diversity in both its publications and its members–while articles focus on animal law topics, our members and alumni pursue a wide range of legal specialties and have varying levels of interest in issues specific to animal law.

Animal Law Review is the only independent law review at Lewis & Clark, meaning that our journal is funded independently through grants, donors, and subscribers and that law students determine and manage all aspects of publication. Because of its independence, Animal Law Review has characteristics that make it unique among Lewis & Clark law reviews:

  • Animal Law Review retains complete control over the content of its publications.
  • Animal Law Review has a reputation for being the most collaborative Lewis & Clark law review. The layout of our office and our internal staffing structure create a friendly, collaborative environment.
  • Animal Law Review does not publish a summer issue, so staff members have no duties over the summer other than a training Orientation the Sunday before classes begin.

As with the other law reviews at Lewis & Clark, Animal Law Review requires a two-year commitment. During their first year, staff members receive two general credits to allocate as they please. For their second year on staff, members receive four foundational credits in the same manner.

The write-on period for interested students will take place this summer beginning Thursday, May 2 and will end on June 26, 2019. Please see information for the 2019 Citation Competition here to learn how to become part of the amazing Animal Law Review staff. For further questions, please feel free to email the Editors in Chief at

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