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National Crime Victim Law Institute

Minnesota Crime Victim Legal Services Project

May 18, 2017

The Minnesota Crime Victim Legal Services Project (MN-CVLS) is working to expand civil legal assistance for crime victims.  MN-CVLS has three pilot sites serving diverse populations and distinct geographic areas in the state.  Services are provided by Anishinabe Legal Services on the Leech Lake Reservation in both tribal and civil court, by Mid-Minnesota Legal Aid in three very rural counties (Meeker, Renville, Swift), and by Southern Minnesota Regional Legal Services in an urban county (Scott).  These legal service organizations are supported by an advisory group of 10 additional partners including statewide advocacy groups and volunteer lawyer programs.  The project is working to expand the impact of the direct services provided by the pilot sites, through training of legal services lawyers, volunteer lawyers, and others on a statewide basis and by increasing website resources available to all crime victims.

Information about crime victims’ rights in Minnesota can be found here

 Primary Partners:

  • Anishinabe Legal Services (Leech Lake Reservation)
  • Mid-Minnesota Legal Aid  (Meeker, Renville, Swift Counties)
  • Southern Minnesota Regional Legal Services  (Scott County)

Intake Process:

The Minnesota Crime Victim Legal Assistance Project is providing civil legal assistance to crime victims through three pilot projects, serving a limited geographic area.  Crime victims living in or affected by crimes committed in Meeker, Renville, Swift, or Scott Counties or on the Leech Lake Reservation, should contact Project Attorneys for assistance.  Project attorneys will work to provide advice, representation, and appropriate referrals and will conduct a holistic screening to identify legal issues related to crime victimization in these geographic areas.

Meeker, Renville, Swift Counties
Laura Leitch
Phone: (320) 235-9600

Scott County
Kevin Jonassen
Phone: (651) 222-5863

Leech Lake Reservation
Jerome Song
Phone: (218) 0335-2223 EXT 111

For more information about the Network contact:

Ann Cofell, Deputy Director
Mid-Minnesota Legal Aid
Phone: (320) 257-4860

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