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Center for Animal Law Studies

Alum & Congressman Speak Out for Animals

June 15, 2017

  • Laura Hagen '13, Deputy Director of Advocacy, MSPCA
  • Improving Government Transparency and Protecting Animals
  • Laura Hagen '13, Deputy Director of Advocacy, MSPCA

Earlier this year, the U.S. Department of Agriculture abruptly removed public access to the Animal Care Information System, an online, searchable database that included inspection reports, annual reports, and other documents regarding enforcement of the Horse Protection Act and Animal Welfare Act. The database is an important tool for the public to understand which regulated facilities were in compliance with federal laws and whether USDA was properly enforcing those laws.

Congressman Earl Blumenauer lead a briefing on the issue on Capitol Hill on June 8th, with the leaders of several animal welfare organizations, including Laura Hagen ’13 from MSPCA, as well as the Humane Society Legislative Fund, ASPCA, Animal Welfare Institute, and others, to keep this issue at the top of people’s minds. Participants learned the importance of restoring the database and what they can do about it.