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Looking for an Article Behind Publisher Paywalls? Install These 3 Browser Extensions

August 22, 2017

Sometimes the article you need for research or cite checking is not available through the library, and while it might be available through Summit or Interlibrary Loan, you can also check for availability through three browser extensions that work in Chrome and Firefox.

  1. Google Scholar Button (Chrome or Firefox)
    This extension adds a browser button for easy access to Google Scholar from any web page. Click on the Scholar button to find the full text of an article on the web. Select the title of the paper on the page you’re reading, and click the Scholar button to find it.  
  2. Open Access Button (Chrome)
    The Open Access Button searches thousands of sources to get you legal access to articles right away. Navigate your browser to the article you need, then click on the Open Access Button. If the article is not available, you can create a request for the research and then the requests are sent to the author.
  3. Unpaywall (Chrome or Firefox)
    Get free, legal full-text articles as you browse. When you view a paywalled article in your browser, Unpaywall looks for a free version. If a free version is available, you’ll see an unlocked icon the right-hand side of the page. 


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