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Digest 101 - December 2017

December 11, 2017



an anthology of global news & media affecting crime victims

INTERNATIONAL ________________________________ 

Australia: Bill to Legislate Domestic Violence Leave Introduced

A new bill has been introduced to allow victims of domestic violence up to 10 days paid leave, extending the current requirements by 5 days. The bill would provide paid family and domestic violence leave to attend to legal, medical, counseling, relocation and other administrative commitments to deal with or leave abusive or violent relationships.  

Rwanda: Rwanda Tightens Laws on Human Traffickers

A Bill before parliament proposes heavier punishment for human traffickers. The bill proposes life imprisonment for human traffickers and aims at increasing the conviction rate for human trafficking by minimizing offenders’ defenses and encouraging victims to speak out. 

GENERAL VICTIMS’ RIGHTS ____________________________________________________________

Washington: Victims Can Record Conversations Without Prior Consent

The Washington State Supreme Court released an opinion ruling that recordings of a crime in progress are not a violation of the state’s privacy laws requiring both parties consent to being recorded.

Wisconsin: State Senate Passes Victims Rights Resolution

A resolution passed by the senate–commonly known as Marsy’s Law–would amend the constitution to include over a dozen ways to protect the rights of victims of violence crimes.

Victims of Domestic Violence, Stalking & Sexual Assault _____________________________________ 

Michigan: Bill Proposed to Protect Domestic Violence Victims

A proposed bill would create an address confidentiality program to protect victims of domestic violence; require employers providing sick to leave to allow victims of domestic violence to use the leave to attend to legal, medical and administrative needs; and allow victims requesting a protective order to include a prohibition on buying or possessing guns as part of the order.

Washington: Bill Would Ban Non-Disclosure of Sexual Harassment, Assault

The proposed bill would place limits on non-disclosure agreements by making it illegal for employers to restrict what a victim of workplace sexual misconduct can say publicly and prohibiting employers from firing or otherwise retaliating against an employee who speaks about about these issues. 

Victims of Human Trafficking ____________________________________________________________

Vermont: Anti Human Trafficking Bill Introduced

A bill will be introduced in January that would strengthen protections for Vermont’s victims of human trafficking. The bill would allow for the annulment of civil marriages carried out by force or fraud; allow courts to terminate the parental rights of offenders provided that there is clear and convincing evidence of sexual assault; and deny all parent-child contact for individuals convicted of human trafficking, or in cases where there is clear and convincing evidence that human trafficking occurred.

Wisconsin: State Bill Looks to Crack Down on Human Trafficking

A proposed bill would amend a law initially created to combat child pornography by expanding the state Attorney General’s ability to subpoena internet providers for their records to also include internet records from hotels. The bill was written to address the use of hotels, motels, lodges, lodging establishments to commit human trafficking.


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This Digest includes many of the news, cases and research links that come across NCVLI’s desk.  This Digest is not intended to be a comprehensive collection of crime types or news items affecting crime victims, nor does NCVLI express any opinion regarding any of the stories contained herein.  The Digest is merely designed to provide readers with a glimpse of victims’ issues being talked about and reported on across the country and around the world.  NCVLI is grateful to the Lewis & Clark law students who research and compile the articles included in the Digest. 

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