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Digest 101 - February 2018

February 08, 2018



an anthology of global news & media affecting crime victims

INTERNATIONAL ________________________________ 

Liberia: Outgoing President Abolishes Female Genital Mutilation, Signs Domestic Violence Bill  

Before leaving office, President Sirleaf issued an Executive Order implementing provisions of a domestic violence bill for one year that is being considered by the Liberian legislature. The Order includes a provision to abolish female genital mutilation.

Somaliland: Bill To Outlaw Rape and Violent Sexual Crimes Introduced    

As the first piece of legislation in Somaliland’s history to address gender based violence, a bill has passed the lower house which would criminalize rape, gang rape, sexual assault, child marriage and trafficking; allow for imprisonment of rapists for up to 30 years; and jail for life rapists who infect their victims with HIV.     

GENERAL VICTIMS’ RIGHTS ____________________________________________________________

Colorado: New Legislation Could Make Prisoner Locations Public

A bill has passed out of the Senate Judiciary Committee that would require the Department of Corrections to tell crime victims the location of a prisoner before transfers occur.

Kentucky: Proposed Law Guaranteeing Crime Victims’ Rights Approved

The House and Senate have passed a bill that would amend the state Constitution to provide rights for victims of crime. The measure must be passed by voters on the November ballot. 

Victims of Domestic Violence, Stalking & Sexual Assault _____________________________________ 

Idaho: Lawmakers Push To Change Sexual Assault Examination Billing Laws

A proposed bill would change how sexual assault exam costs are processed and so the state is billed. Currently, sexual assault forensics exams are filed with victims’ health insurance, the only crime in Idaho where the victim’s insurance pays for forensic evidence collection.

Washington: House Passes Resolution to Establish Task Force on Sexual Harassment

The Washington House has passed a resolution which would establish a task force on sexual harassment which would be charged with creating a more respectful work environment at the Capitol, including adoption of a code of conduct and prevention training. The resolution next goes to the Senate.

Victims of Human Trafficking ____________________________________________________________

Idaho: Two Human Trafficking Bills Introduced

Two bills have been introduced that aim to curb sex trafficking across the state, particularly in rural areas. The bills would expand the types of behaviors defined as human trafficking and increase sentences for convictions.

Florida: Proposed Bills Ask For Human Trafficking Hotline

Concurrent House and Senate bills have been introduced that address the rising rate of human trafficking in Florida. The bills would fund education and awareness campaigns and establish a statewide toll-free human trafficking report hotline. 

Missouri: House Passes Bill on Human Trafficking Posters

The Missouri House has passed a bill that would require truck stops, bus stations, some hotels and other businesses to hang posters advertising the national human trafficking hotline to increase victims’ access to the hotline and promote public awareness of human trafficking in the state. The bill next goes to the Senate. 

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This Digest includes many of the news, cases and research links that come across NCVLI’s desk.  This Digest is not intended to be a comprehensive collection of crime types or news items affecting crime victims, nor does NCVLI express any opinion regarding any of the stories contained herein.  The Digest is merely designed to provide readers with a glimpse of victims’ issues being talked about and reported on across the country and around the world.  NCVLI is grateful to the Lewis & Clark law students who research and compile the articles included in the Digest. 

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