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Top 15 Things to Watch, Read, Play, and Listen to This Spring Break

March 23, 2018

  • More Perfect Podcast (WNYC Studios; NPR)
    More Perfect Podcast (WNYC Studios; NPR)

Boley law library staff—and friends of the library!—and students are brimming with ideas on what you should watch, read, play, and listen to this Spring Break.

Read on for our recommendations and reviews.

What to Watch

  • A.P. Bio
    Who knew a network show could be so funny? It’s absolutely hilarious and available to stream on NBC
  • Annihilation
    An oddly beautiful meditation on the relationship between the environmentail and the psychological
  • Black Panther
    What, you haven’t caught it yet? Seriously, go see it in theaters! It’s definitely worth it
  • The Magicians
    Perhaps no show since Seinfeld has improved so much from its 1st season. Every episode this year has great moments, topped by the unlikely cast rendition of the Queen/David Bowie classic “Under Pressure
  • Schitt’s Creek
    Eugene Levy & his progeny have created a funny and delightful show that you can mainline on Netflix
  • Wild Wild Country
    6-part documentary on Netflix about Antelope Oregon and the Rajneeshees. I remember it well….I had a really cute pair of red pants I couldn’t wear because everyone profiled you as a Rajneeshee if you wore red in Portland.

What to Read

  • The Bright Hour: A Memoir of Living and Dying by Nina Riggs
    There’s been way too much cancer in my world lately, so no good reason for me to have read this book. Except that it is full of life and love and beauty amidst the inevitable. Plus, led to this wonderful coda.
  • Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pritchett
    I may have already suggested it, but they’re making it into a tv show and it is HILARIOUS

What to Listen To

  • Found Tonight (Hamilton/Dear Evan Hanson Mashup)
    The song you need if you’re participating in the March for Our Lives. Watch the video
  • Historian by Lucy Dacus (album)
    “So sneakingly powerful and beautiful, and thrilling really” (as recommended by excellent tv/movies/music podcast The Watch)
  • More Perfect (podcast)
    NPR and Radiolab podcast about seminal Supreme Court cases. I just listened to an episode called ‘Sex Appeal’ all about RBG when she ran the women’s rights division of the ACLU and how she chose to fight for an equal rights amendment.
  • Still Processing (podcast)
    My new favorite podcast, “A culture conversation with Wesley Morris and Jenna Wortham” that is always smart and joyful

What to Play

  • Fluxx
    It comes in a lot of different packs (Zombies Fluxx, Cthulu Fluxx, Firefly Fluxx, etc.), for 2- 6 players. A matching game with tons of “new rules” and other cards that make it trickier as goes on. Plus, if you’re the competitive type, you can play cards that will pretty much screw over your opponents. It’s pretty fun.
  • Time to Try New Games
    Go ye to Guardian Games in SE PDX and try out Clank! and Dice Forge


Special thanks to this week’s contributors, including Mari Cheney, Jim Kite, Yvon Kozma, Mallory Meredith, Ryan Montgomery, and Rob Truman.

 Wild Wild Country (Netflix)Wild Wild Country (Netflix)

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