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National Crime Victim Law Institute

Student Profile - Kaylee Dickerboom

April 08, 2018

Kaylee Dickerboom is a 2L at Lewis & Clark Law School. She took the Victims’ Rights Litigation Clinic in Spring of 2018. Read on to learn more about Kaylee in her own words.

What did you know about/was your interest in victims’ rights before taking a class with NCVLI?

NCVLI was one of the reasons I chose to come to Lewis & Clark. I know that NCVLI was nationally known and unique in its practice and focus area. As a future prosecutor, I knew that victims would be a part of each and every day of my practice, therefore I wanted to learn more about laws protecting them. Victims rights will come into your career somehow, some way, at some point. It’s important that every lawyer knows about victims rights in his or her state because their client will either be a victim or a victim will become a part of their litigation. 

What has been most surprising about victims’ rights that you have learned this year?

Surprising: victims rights are young! I had no idea that certain protections for victims are not that old, and statutes are still being developed. 

What would you say to a new law student thinking about getting involved with victims’ rights?

You need to get involved. It’s as simple as that. Because you will interact with victims over your career at some point, it’s important you begin to grow and learn about victims and their rights now while you’re in law school and have the opportunity to be involved in something revolutionary.