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Small Business Legal Clinic

SBLC Helps Employers in Changing Times

April 13, 2018

Following a workplace Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE) raid in Woodburn in March of 2017, businesses began asking about their rights and responsibilities if a raid were to occur in their place of business.

The Small Business Legal Clinic partnered with Immigration Counseling Services, Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Main Street Alliance and Perkins Coie to create material and presentations to address these questions and concerns.

During the rest of 2017, eight workshops were presented throughout Oregon to help employers understand their rights and the rights of their employees if confronted with a visit from ICE.

Both immigration and business attorneys answered questions and discussed scenarios with participants.

The presentations were given in both English and Spanish to diverse audiences including small family-owned businesses as well as large vineyards and farms. Over 300 business owners participated in these workshops.